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Snorkeling is a great way to spend some time in the water and experience nature�s wonders. Lets go Snorkel�
We offer a few different places to snorkel. The Homosassa River, Saint Martins Keys, Homosassa Bay, Crystal River, and Rainbow River.

You can snorkel with the Manatees in the Homosassa River, as well as the Crystal River. We prefer the Homosassa River because it is less crowded than the Crystal River. The Homosassa River, being less crowded, will help to insure a better Manatee experience. The Manatee is one of the many things you can see while snorkeling in the Homosassa River.

 This tour takes 2 hrs. And 3 to 6 passengers

Saint Martin�s Keys is a great place to snorkel; the salt-water keys offer plenty of fish, corral, sponges, and a host of other marine life for you to see. St. Martin�s Keys are a group of islands in shallow water; this area was once a reef. There are cracks, and caverns in this reef; this offers shelter for many species of fish. The spear fishing is good in the cracks and holes of the reef. St. Martin�s Keys is a good place for all experience levels, from beginner to the advanced. Come snorkel the beautiful St. Martins Keys!

This tour takes 3+ hrs. And 4 to 6 passengers

Rainbow River is a crystal clear, spring fed river. The river has a nice easy flow; and is great for drift diving and snorkeling. It is common to see divers and dive boats on the Rainbow River. The Rainbow River is filled with aquatic life, as well as many springs to explore.  Snorkeling is a great way to enjoy this river, while diving allows for better exploration. Snorkeling or diving� it�s your choice. Come see and swim the crystal clear waters of the Rainbow River today.

This tour takes 2 + hrs.  And 4 to 6 passengers

Scallop (Calico) season is from July 1 to September 10.

Homosassa Bay is a large open body of water located in the Gulf of Mexico, just outside the Homosassa River. The best depth for Scallops seems to be 3 to 8 feet, this happens to be perfect for snorkeling. Scallops blend with the grassy bottom fairly well. Scallops are not difficult to catch; you simply reach down and pick them up. The trick is learning to recognize a Scallop from their surroundings. No worries, once you learn to see a Scallop on the bottom, the rest is a great day on the boat in Homosassa Bay. A mesh bag is commonly used to carry the Scallops while you snorkel. After you have caught your share, we will teach you how to clean the Scallops. We also have a few good recipes. Fresh Calico Scallops have a truly amazing flavor.


The boat leaves the dock at 7:30 and returns at 2:00. (6 to 7 hrs.) And 4 to 6 passengers

BOOBYTRAP CHARTERS & MANATEE TOURS is looking forward to hearing from you. We await your visit for the �Experience Of A Lifetime�!


Captain �Harry� Arnold U.S.C.G. Certified



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