Homosassa River Tours, Homosassa Florida

Lets take a relaxing tour on the historic Homosassa River.

 The river cruise will take you upriver, to the headwater springs of the Homosassa River. Along the way you'll be able to experience some of Florida's most pristine river ecology. The Homosassa River offers many species of wildlife, both above and below the water.  It is not unusual to see turtles, alligators, and a large variety of coastal bird populations. As the tour progresses, your captain will be sure to point out the river inhabitants, and also provide an interesting history lesson about the river and surrounding area.
 The main spring of the Homosassa River is a state park. The Homosassa Springs state wildlife park takes care of injured animals. The animals are brought to the park in an attempt to nurse them back to health, if the animals return to good health they will be returned to the wild. The animals that are injured beyond repair will be feed and taken care of for the rest of their days. We are very pleased to have the state wildlife park on the Homosassa River.
 Once at the "Blue Water" part of the river, you'll be able to see one of Florida's largest populations of West Indian Manatees. . The manatee can be seen year round, although, October to March the manatee are much more prevalent. You'll have plenty of time along the way to photograph and enjoy our most famous residents
The Homosassa River is lined with dense wooded areas; the majority of these wooded areas will remain as such. These large wooded areas allow for wildlife in amazing numbers, as well as preserving the natural beauty of the Homosassa River.
From the springs, the cruise will take you down the Homosassa River to famous Monkey Island. Here you'll see Ralph, Ebony, Sassy, Emily, and Eve, the islands fulltime residents. The original monkeys on the island were from the 1937 Tarzan movie, which was filmed here on the Homosassa River.  There are many sights to see on the Homosassa River, so don�t forget your camera!

Captain Harry Arnold U.S.C.G. Certified



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