Homosassa Backwater Tours, Chazahowitska National Wildlife Refuge

A Tour through the Backwaters is a great way to see nature, the real Homosassa, and surrounding Backwaters. Airboats are a lot of fun, but very noisy, so we use a boat with an outboard motor, called a well boat. A well boat runs extremely shallow; this allows you to go places usually traveled by Airboats. Well boats keep the noise level down, allowing you to see more undisturbed wildlife.

We offer several different Tours through the Backwaters. The Wildlife Refuge Tour, Ozello Tour, Homosassa Tour, a Sunset Cruise, and for the more adventurous type the Sit down Shut up & Hold on Tour.

The Wildlife Refuge Tour takes you out of the Homosassa River, into the Chazahowitska National Wildlife Refuge, to see the whooping cranes. A special pen has been built in the Refuge to offer the Whooping Cranes some protection while they nest in the winter. The Biologists can occasionally be seen interacting with the Whooping Cranes. The Whooping Cranes are led in by an ultralite aircraft, in an effort to teach the birds the migration route. The only way to see these magnificent birds is by boat. The Whooping Cranes are very sensitive to their environment, so we use a well boat in an effort to keep the noise level down. This allows you to visit the Whooping Cranes and leave them undisturbed. We recommend you bring a camera, however; it is not necessary. This tour takes 2+hrs. And 4-6 passengers.
Ozello Tour takes you out of the Homosassa River, into the Salt River. The Salt River runs from Homosassa, through Ozello, to Crystal River. Once in Ozello the Salt River narrows, and becomes extremely shallow. Oyster bars and rock piles stick out of the water all over the place. Navigating the waters in Ozello is very treacherous, but the natural beauty of Ozello is untold. It is common to see Bald Eagles, as well as a host of other wildlife. There are many Indian mounds in the area; these are islands of oyster shells. The Indians piled the oyster shells up for many reasons, but mostly for higher ground. The Indians made burial grounds, ceremonial grounds, and hunting, fishing, and gathering grounds here.  A place called the Narrows is where this tour will turn around. The Indians actually narrowed down the river in order to bottle neck the fish, and catch them with their nets. This tour takes 2+ hrs. And 4-6 passengers.
Homosassa Tour takes you through the backwaters of Homosassa, out the Little Homosassa River, to the Gulf of Mexico. It is common to see Bald Eagles, Osprey Eagles, Wild pigs, Porpoises, as well as a host of other animals. We will stop at the mouth of the Little Homosassa River to see the Indian mound. The Indians made this mound of oyster shells so they would have a place to camp while hunting, fishing, and gathering. The mound is so large; its hard to imagine the amount of oysters the Indians would have had to eat to create it. If the tide allows, we then come back through Sams Bayou, and into the (big) Homosassa River. There is quite a bit of history behind Homosassa, and the original Homosassa settlement. This tour takes 2+hrs. And 4-6 passengers

Sunset Cruise we leave about 1 hr. before sunset, and take a beautiful ride out of the Little Homosassa River to the Gulf of Mexico. We will shut of the motor and listen to the wind and sea, while watching the sunset. Most of the time you can see a porpoise, feeding or playing in the distance.  After the sunsets, there are two ways to return from the Gulf of Mexico.  For the more adventurous type, we offer a fast ride in the dark, up a winding creek, much like a roller coaster ride, its wild. For those who are not as adventurous we will return normally, at a slower pace. We recommend a jacket for the return trip.

This tour takes 2+ hrs. And 4-6 passengers.



Sit Down Shut Up & Hold On Tour This tour is for the more adventurous type! This is a fast paced tour! We will travel the backwater creeks; go through saw grass patches, through, and across mud flats. While traveling through the small creeks, you have to look fast to see the wildlife. We then ride out to the Gulf of Mexico. We make a brief stop, and then return in the same hurried fashion. We also offer this tour in the dark, or at Sunset. This really adds to your experience.  Dont forget the name of this tour Sit Down, Shut Up, & Hold On we really mean, �Sit Down, and Hold On (Shutting up is optional J).  This tour takes 2+hrs. And 4-6 passengers.

Here in Homosassa there are many species of wildlife. Some wildlife will be seen, and some will not be seen on this tour. You may see some wildlife you did not expect to see, and you may not see what you would like to see. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes; just remember this is nature, and wildlife lives on its own schedule.

BOOBYTRAP CHARTERS & MANATEE TOURS is looking forward to hearing from you. We await your visit for the Experience Of A Lifetime!


Captain Harry Arnold U.S.C.G. Certified



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